Monday, March 4, 2013

Morgana's Crypt Lipstick Review

This review is not sponsored in any way.  All products were bought with my own funds.

Hello everyone--I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day, whether you like the holiday itself or just had a normal Thursday.
Well, I have finally had a chance to not only receive two lovely lipsticks from Morgana's Crypt, but also try them out and see how they perform on a day-to-day basis. I apologize for the pictures; it was late at night and I had already removed my makeup, so I didn't want to show my entire face...
For my first order I chose Licorice, a simple black (with an optional licorice scent), and Absinthe, a nearly metallic shimmery cool green.
Licorice, unlike other black lip products from brands such as Rimmel and MAC, is completely opaque in a swipe or two and very creamy without being greasy or glossy.  There is no hint of red, purple or brown-just pure black.  I hadn't originally intended to order the scented version (licorice isn't my favorite candy by a long shot), but it turned out to be a sweet,unobtrusive licorice scent which dissipated soon after application.  This lipstick is not drying, but has very good staying power.
This photo does not do justice to Absinthe; in person, it is a deeper emerald green with intense metallic shine.  It is intensely pigmented, and even more moisturizing than the Licorice (be careful about keeping this one in your pocket or any warm place--the stick can become very soft).  However, it lasts just as long as the black, perhaps longer.
Both these colors, since they are so strong, take a little makeup remover or facial cleanser to remove completely. If I don't eat lipstick-destroying food (like sandwiches) and make sure to drink through a straw, this lipstick will survive lunch needing no more than a slight touch-up towards the inner lip and outer corners.  When I wear these colors, my lips feel silky and pillowy-soft--no dry waxes or nasty mineral oils here.  Also, each lipstick is handmade and completely vegan.  I give these lipsticks a 9 out of 10; the only reason I do not give them an outright 10 is because of their price.  The website lists each lipstick (not counting lip gels, lip glosses or lip palettes, for they all have separate prices) as $12 apiece, and that doesn't account for shipping or sales tax.  I ended up paying around $30 for two lipsticks.  Therefore, even though I think the formula is simply fantastic, I will get my more "mainstream" colors from drugstore brands and   only turn to Morgana's Crypt for my more unusual colors.
Have a wonder-filled day!

All opinions are my own, and I was not solicited to do this review.

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