Monday, March 4, 2013

Marketing Wearable Sex

Ha, got you, didn't I?  I was just thinking about a little tidbit I picked up from Women's Health Magazine.  Yes, I know Women's Health isn't even close to being alternative and is full of leggy bronze women and perfume ads.  I subscribe to the magazine for the exercise and diet tips, which I definitely need.  Anyway, in the November 2012 issue the mag stated that women are more likely to buy a lipstick that has a romantic or provocative color name rather than the exact same product with, say, a number or actual color (like mauve, ick) as the name.  That idea floated down into the back of my mind and hid in the shadows until I started researching new red lipsticks today.  Yes, I am nerdy enough to actually research makeup before I buy it, especially color photos of it on.  During this process I started to notice that all the lipsticks I put on my wishlist (except for a couple of older colors) have some pretty insinuating names.
For instance, I love the Covergirl Lip Perfection lipsticks, though I managed to try out the formula by accidentally buying colors I almost never wear (hence the research...).  The three colors I am now interested in are called Hot, Burn (ooh, la la) and Enamor.  Hmmm.
The lovely Temptalia's swatch of Hot
Temptalia's swatch of Burn.
Temptalia wearing Enamor.
I also like Revlon very much, but their color titles are pretty tame, such as Certainly Red, Wine With Everything, Black Cherry and so on.
Certainly Red from Revlon, swatched by Abbey Karson
Honestly, I think it depends on the particular slant the company wants to take with their product.  For instance, Goth-directed brands like Manic Panic and Morgana's Crypt, formerly known as Morgana Cryptoria (which I want to try someday; they're supposed to be fantastic) have color names like Raven, Blood Red, and Hell's Bell's (Manic Panic) or Twist of Fate, Love-Lies-Bleeding, and Medusa (Morgana's Crypt).  I couldn't use any pictures of Morgana's Crypt lipstick (you'll just have to look it up :) ).
Apparently nobody takes pictures of themselves actually wearing Manic Panic lipstick, but this is a pic of Blood Red in tube. Amazon.
Have any thoughts on the subject?  Don't be afraid to leave a comment and start a conversation.  Have a wonder-filled day.

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