Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Leave-In Conditioner

This blog post is not sponsored in any way.  All products were bought with my own funds.
I am no chemist, so many recipes for home-made beauty products baffle me.  I'm not brave enough to try buying the individual ingredients contained in most beauty products and mixing my own, but I do love to save money and try new things.  My hair is dyed (the ends were blonde, then red before I went to black), and therefore fairly dry and fragile, so I decided that a leave-in conditioner was in order to supplement my regular in-shower conditioner.
Rambling aside, here is my simple, cheap recipe for leave-in conditioner.

Step 1-buy a cheap, lightweight conditioner.  I chose Suave Naturals in the scent Sweet Pea and Violet, because it smells yummy.  I only paid $1.50 for the whole bottle.
Ingredient time!

Step 2-get an empty spray bottle.  You can reuse the bottle from a non-aerosol hairspray or leave-in conditioner that you used up and washed really well, or you can get a bottle fairly cheap from Target, Sally's Beauty Supply, or tons of other places.
Step 3-fill the bottle with about an inch or so or your chosen conditioner.  Add more for a heavier, more moisturizing treatment; add less for a lighter finished product.  It's a matter of personal taste.
Step 4-fill your bottle the rest of the way with water.  If you have hard water or don't want any minerals touching your hair, you can use distilled or purified water.  I just used the tap.

Put the top back on, shake it all up, and you're done!  I love both the convenience and the frugality of this method.

On a side note, I had time to get a little fancy with my hair today, and added a little braid.
So much fun!  Thanks for visiting, and have a fantastic day!

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