Monday, March 4, 2013

Detrivore Cosmetics Review

This review is not sponsored in any way.  All products were bought with my own funds.

So, my order from online indie cosmetics store Detrivore Cosmetics just arrived 6 days ago (after about 5 weeks; I would have had them in 4, but they were shipped to the wrong address and I requested a replacement, which came lighting-fast), and I have had some time to try out the products and have some fun.  I decided to give this company a chance because
a) there is a huge selection of lovely colors
b) all the names and collections are rather gothic/horror inspired, and
c) these handmade, unique shadows are only $4-$5 apiece (depending on whether they are part of a special collection), and blushes are $6.
Be warned, I have quite a few pictures.
Eyeshadows come in a 5 gram jar and blushes in a 10 gram jar, both with sifters which makes them slightly less messy.  I didn't realize how tiny these jars would look until they arrived.
This is a blush and an eyeshadow.  All jars came wrapped in plastic with ingredient lists, great for checking for allergens.  The samples (of which I received two) came in little baggies with labels and their own ingredient lists.
Eye shadow bottom label
Blush bottom label
Sample baggie
Sample ingredient list
Anyway,  I picked three matte shadows, two shimmery ones, one shimmery blush (the standard formula) and two matte blushes from Detrivore's Special FX collection, as well as the original (clear) eyeshadow primer.
The actual primer inside is yellow, but if you put on enough to see the color, that's way too much and it will crease very badly.  Less is definitely more here.
Eyeshadow descriptions( swatched over stripe of Detrivore primer), starting with those closest to the knuckles, from left to right:
Abyss: matte charcoal black
Fortress: matte gray.  stone over primer, light dove gray by itself
BSoD (Blue Screen of Death): matte bright blue over primer, soft powdery blue by itself
Vulture: medium/light cool shimmery brown
Vitriol: shimmery deep bloody red
Wrist (samples):
Top: Acid Test: shimmery chartreuse-tinted gold
Bottom: Hack: shimmery faded reddish salmon-pink
These shadows are very pigmented, but they really need a sticky cream base to show their full color (hence the primer).
Blush Swatches (left to right):
Conquest: matte medium purple (from the Special FX collection)
Ironborn: matte medium/dark gray (from the Special FX collection)
Lascivious: shimmery light cool-toned pink with silver and pink sparkles
Here's a closer look at Lascivious. It's very close to my skin tone, but very pretty for a natural/subtle blush.

So, to finish, if you are willing to wait about a month to get it, these are lovely products at a lovely price.  I recommend it highly!  Looks made with these products are coming soon.

All opinions are my own, and I was not solicited to do this review.

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