Monday, March 4, 2013

A New Series...

This review is not sponsored in any way.  All products were bought with my own funds.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a series of posts which may or may not interest you, but stem from a phenomenon I discovered in my makeup bag.  Red lipstick is an absolute classic, and can evoke an image of anything from sweet, fresh vintage 40's makeup to sexy night-out looks to mysterious, vampy Gothic makeup (which do you think is my favorite....).  I have managed to accumulate quite a few red lipsticks, mostly because a) there have to be 20,000,000 different shades of red and b) I always buy a new red lipstick when I'm about to run out of the one(s) I already have, and then the other tube(s) never get fully used up.  I thought it might be neat to run through the lipsticks I have, which are from various drugstore-available brands, and let you know how they are in terms of color, texture, wear length, and effect on the overall health of your lips.
The first lipstick on my list is a new one that I mentioned in an earlier post: Certainly Red by Revlon's Super Lustrous line.
Here is the stick itself all exposed in natural light.
This is a cream finish lipstick, not matte but entirely without sparkle, shimmer or frost.  It's a very classic, super-strong blue-toned red.
Lips in direct sunlight.
Lips in the shade.
I love Revlon lipsticks (the cream finishes, anyway) because they are smooth, soft without being prone to breakage, and fairly well pigmented.  The pigmentation level does depend on the individual color, but Certainly Red does not lack in pigment whatsoever.
I have chronically dry skin and chapped lips, so the drying potential of a lipstick is a large factor in whether I like it or not.  While this lipstick will not soothe and heal a badly chapped lip, it will not exacerbate it or emphasize dryness or lip lines.  Also, being a red lipstick, the staining power of this lipstick is pretty good and keeps lips looking powerfully red for hours.  Personally, though, I like to reapply or touch up after drinking or whenever I feel that my lip has lost most of the product; I'm probably just one of those oddballs who actually likes the feel of lipstick on the lips.
If you're curious, this is what I paired my red lip with on this fine Veteran's Day:
This is Milani Runway eye shadow in 11 Beach Sand with some Detrivore Vulture in the crease; my regular eyebrows and eyelashes (Jordana) with my L'Oreal Infallible gel liner in 172 Navy in the waterline.  No blush today...I was lazy.
Full face!
All right, that's all I have for now.  Have a wonder-filled day!

All opinions are my own, and I was not solicited to do this review.

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