Sunday, May 5, 2013

How Much is That...In the Window?

I am a window shop-a-holic.  I very rarely spend much money on clothes and accessories, but I find it almost therapeutic to research and compare prices, look up new companies, and ooh and ah over all the pretties I find.  Sometimes I like to spend some time on Polyvore, a website on which you can build up a virtual wardrobe and construct collages based on themes, colors, or whatever you feel like that day.  The only problem with this site, for me, is that all the garments listed are actually being sold by real companies.  Nothing is more disheartening than telling a girl without a sewing machine that her dream lace bustier (or skirt, or dress, or...well, you get the picture) would cost $1,500 to buy outright.
I compensate with wish lists.  Wish lists let me think that someday, I will have both the cash and the courage to buy that set of Victorian boots, or that spiky necklace.  And who knows, maybe I will.  Or, I'll drop a lot of hints around Christmas...
Either way, the dream is still alive.

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