Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goth Crafty Haul! Plus DIY Tips

My box from JoAnn's arrived only a day or two ago, and I've already nearly finished one of my 1-pound skeins of yarn.  I made some crocheted hair bows (pics coming soon) and the first two rows of my granny-square afghan.  It was originally going to be a little throw for the couch, but Hubby wanted to be able to snuggle so it will be closer to 5'x7'.  Yes, it will be enormous, and I might have to get yet another 1-pound skein of yarn just to finish it.  I'm really excited about the hair bows-new colors and variations are definitely in the works.  Two of them I embellished with little skull charms.  This is an example of how a little ingenuity can turn any cute little pattern or item into something deliciously dark.  I got my hair bow pattern from Crocheting the Day Away, a really popular crochet craft blog.  It's a super-simple, quick pattern, the original picture was of a bright yellow bow, and still my finished result is wonderfully Gothic Lolita in spirit.  Yes, I am a bit proud; I haven't crocheted anything in at least a year and a half and had no idea whether the skill had left me or not.
Keep expressing yourselves, and have a wonder-filled day!

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