Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Vanity Setup

I am a messy person.  I get so frustrated because, regardless of how civilized I feel, I seem to leave chaos and dirty teacups in my wake.  However, I was finally able to impose some order to my perfume and personal jewelry stash.  It's so unusual for me, I thought I'd share it.
I love old-fashioned perfume misters.  I found the fleur-de-lis one at Hobby Lobby (functional!) and filled it with inexpensive but yummy body spray (EDIT: I later found that the glue in the mister had been dissolved by the perfume, and the top came off and doused me.  Do not do this.), and I found the short one with the pink bubble at Goodwill.  It doesn't work, but it's still cute.  You can tell I have eclectic tastes; my scents range from a Bulgari unisex fragrance (which I love) to a silly $1 cotton candy-scented spray.
I keep my necklaces on my closet rack because they tangle so horribly in my jewelry box; that is now reserved for rings, earrings and decorative hair clips.  

I got this cool seance card in my last Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs order.  I thought the (broken) mirror slot in the box would be a perfect frame for display.  I just taped it in.

Anyway, have a marvelous summer everyone.  Goth on!

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